Friday, July 23, 2010

Stormy seas and inspirational reads

I was reading the book MEE Thinks by Mary Ellen Edmunds last week. I came across this excerpt that I especially liked and I thought that I'd illustrate my thoughts and share it:

      " I've been thinking about fellowshipping.
       One day when I was thinking about it, I had an imaginary scene come into my mind. There was a little ship out in the ocean in a terrible storm. It was tossing around, and as the waves and the storm grew stronger, there was an increasing likelihood that the little ship was going to tip over and sink and be lost forever.
        But then here came little fellow ships, venturing out in the storm, finding the ship that was in trouble, surrounding it, and safely guiding it to a protected harbor.
       Can you think of someone who's being tossed around in a terrible storm who might be searching through the darkness for a fellow ship to come to the rescue? "

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