Tuesday, July 27, 2010

With Bows In Her Hair

Just past the distant horizon;
Where the sky and the earth are kissing,
There's a field with a girl
By a tree just sitting.

With bows in her hair,
And a blanket underneath
Gently pulling petals off of daisies,
And waiting patiently.

The stretching tree conforms to her back
As the sun glints off the fresh grass
Streaking shadows 'cross her face
From her longest eyelashes.

Many people there pass her by,
Some already in couples, some alone
Each never noticing her there,
Her seeing every one.

Simply sitting in her spot
On her blanket by the tree
Watching everyone go by,
Viewing their lives silently.

A few stop to say hello
Then carry on their way
Never really caring for her answer
To their "how are you this day?"

Even fewer stop to sit
Getting comfy with her company
Only to stay there for a while
Slightly jeering as they leave.

So she sits alone on her blanket
With a basket she's prepared
For the brave one who will sit down
And never leave her sitting there.

They will lie there together on her blanket
Finding pictures in the clouds,
And he'll let her win their thumb wars
As they watch the fireflies for hours.

For him she'll share her picnic,
And smile with the sun in her eyes
While he stares at her in wonderment
How this star fell from the skies.

Others will ask "what does he see in her?"
As they watch them jealously,
But to see in her what nobody else could
Is love's true ability.

But until he wanders by her
She'll sit pulling petals off of daisies
Counting every star in the night sky
Slowly driving herself crazy.

Then the wilting girl just past the horizon
Where the sky and the earth are kissing,
The girl with the bows in her hair
Will die waiting for him patiently.

2 thoughts:

its simple love July 28, 2010 at 10:24 AM  

Such beautiful writing. Lovely imagery in the words.


Carissa July 28, 2010 at 10:37 AM  

beautiful. and the pic is lovely.

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