Thursday, August 12, 2010


This is my nephew, again:) He's playing with a ring that my best friend Kirstie gave me that flashes red and blue:) I love dinosaurs. Obviously because I was just as excited about a giant squishy light up dinosaur ring as my almost 4 year old nephew was. I love how little kids see the world. Where stickers are the best thing ever, and someone REALLY loves you if they give you cake. The honest simplicity and purity that goes with it all.

When was the last time you played make believe? Or named the bees that landed on the flowers when you were sitting outside. Then had a little bee wedding with Molly bee, and Frank bee who loved each other so much. Then sang a song about them, because bees like singing the best. Because there were no rules to the games; we could eat ice cream for dinner and dig to China. When lemonade tasted so good, and  cookies weren't corrupted by nuts or fancy things. Just honest chocolate chip. And nothing was more binding than I want to hold your hand, and best friends were made through a mutual love for the monkey bars.

And a good job was only really a good job if you were awarded a sticker for it. If you look sad, I will put stickers on your shoes. I have done it before. If I love you I will draw a picture for you. Probably with crayons. But not a 64 pack, because I'm not that cool. I will name your umbrella, then hug it when it gets rained on.

I think that the way people live their lives is way too silly

smile, silly:)

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Scout August 13, 2010 at 1:18 AM  

that is thee most awesome ring.
dinosaurs ftw.
and your nephew is so so so cute!

aaaaw, i adore reading your blog!

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