Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Superhero Epic League of Averagness

{this post is a doozy, but it's so worth it!:)}

This is The Superhero Epic League of Averagness.

Meet Green Cowboy Shoot-y Man aka Wayco,

Red Native American Fuzzy Headed Guy,

Green Plastic Ninja Leaping Man,

Red Plastic Ninja Leaping Man {Green Plastic Ninja Leaping Man's twin brother. Their parents obviously love him more because of his bow hunting skills.},

Rexy, the Purple Om Nomming T-Rex,

Scarfness Dino,

Poser Ninja Turtle {don't be deceived, he's really a troll doll} {...loser..} {we throw sticks at him},

Non-Pwning Batman,

The Superhero Epic League of Averagness has lots of fun for family home evening every Monday night:
They listen to Journey's greatest hits,

play with cows,

and nom sugar-free jelly beans.

They also love to see the temple. They're going there someday, after all.

And they party like wild animals.

But the Superhero Epic League of Averageness always becomes bitter when Pwning Batman pwns at Apples to Apples. Every. Single. Night.

They still always find time to study their scriptures for seminary.

And to end each day they ritually read Harry Potter while Twilight is burning to a crisp in the corner. Alone. Shunned.

{This is what my best friend and I do in our spare time together:) Doesn't this just make you want to looove us?}
{And sorry that some of these pictures are too silly.. I'm too lazy to make them all pretty, so I'm just leaving them in their straight-out-of-the-camera state}

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